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Seven's Background and History

Our firm was formed in 1997 as a professional procurement firm, J. Andrew Associates, Inc. We worked on whatever supply or service our customer needed. Seventy percent of the time, this was telecommunications. We developed deep expertise in this area, and basically learned how to fix every telecom supply area for our client. We were handed mounds of complex telecom bills from our clients with the specific task to "figure it out".

When energy deregulated, we foresaw the complexities that energy deregulation would cause (Telecom and Energy industry are so very similar). In our seventh year of being in business, we shifted our focus to 100% electricity and natural gas. After seven additional years, we have become the 3rd leading Energy Management Firm in the nation, serving a very respectable client list, made up of Fortune 500 clients, mid-sized industrial and commercial, as well as some small businesses. (Starting out as a small business ourselves, we really have a hard time saying "No" to anyone that needs help!)

After 14+ years in business, we have made the exciting decision to reinstate our telecom expertise to our existing and new client base! We have had requests from our clients for years. Due to popular demand, we have researched the marketplace and determined exactly what the client needs. We are pleased to offer you this service.

The industries are so similar, that the expertise and skill set of our Analyst Team and Consultants has been easily converted to serve both energy and telecom.

We look forward to having a full service utility offering to our clients, and to becoming the Leader in National Utility Management.

Other products we offer:   Telecommunication Procurement and Management   and   Energy Conservation and Engineering Services.

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