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Telecommunications Consultant / Telecommunications Procurement

We assist companies in reducing their telecommunications expenses including, voice, VOIP, data, Internet and cellular.

Whether you are an existing client of our Energy Management Services or are interested in our Telecom Management Services as a stand alone, we will provide a simple, straight forward, unbiased review of your overall telecommunications needs.

Our telecom procurement process is simple, swift and effective, requiring VERY LITTLE of our client's time... This is our finest attribute!

We specialize in National Procurement and Management for Telecommunications. Seven - Utility Management Consultants, LLC is the only Utility Consulting firm that is a member of the Better Business Bureau. We do only one thing, and we do it well! Utilities!

In the fast paced, competitive world of telecommunications, it has become more difficult than ever to accurately choose which products, services and suppliers most closely match your unique needs. If your needs aren't so unique, you still want to make sure that you get the best pricing and most recent plans. There are so many suppliers to choose from, all claiming to be the best. There are such quick changes in technology. There are such complex products.

Most of all, after 20 years of telecom deregulation, customer invoices are still as CONFUSING AS EVER.

Which Supplier do you choose?

How do you compare confusing offers?

Which technology and hardware most closely matches your needs?

How do you manage this major expense?

We have the top qualifications in the field of procurement. You can benefit from our Telecom Consulting firm's expertise in cost reduction. We are highly qualified to be your Outsourced Telecom Manager.

Outsource your negotiations to our telecom consultants. Let us ensure that your pricing is at or below current market conditions! We do all of the legwork, and present our findings in an executive summary format.

Best of all, our fee is paid by the Telecom Company!

Are Your Eligible for Our Telecommunications Services?

If you spend greater than $4000 per month, we can likely assist you. Telecom deregulation is national, so your geographical location is not important.

We serve clients that have annual expenditures in excess of $10,000,000, ranging from Fortune 500 clients down to "mom and pop" shops.

The cost to have us review your invoices is nothing. (only the time that it will take you to gather one current invoice from each carrier, for each location). We bear the risk of reviewing your invoices for savings opportunities. If there is not an opportunity, we will report that to you, and the cost is ours.

We work with the top carriers in every market in the United States. We will analyze your invoices, and have the top telecom companies competitively bid on your business. We will then manage the expenditure on an ongoing basis, re-analyzing your expenditure for additional savings opportunities on a quarterly basis.

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