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We live in a "quick fix" business culture that does not seem to value consistency and long term employment. The negative societal consequences are severe and measurable.

Seven - Utility Management Consultants LLC, was founded so that other people can grow and prosper. It is a firm with the foundations of serving others. We have built an environment in which our professionals can continually grow, both professionally and personally. I believe that it is my calling to help other men and women be the best that they can be.

We put our heart and soul into training and building the right people. We believe all people have different gifts. Our mission is to create an environment where people can grow into their own gifts. We believe this is the best way to be the best team in the nation.

We believe that the prize belongs to those who remain and build something righteous.

We believe that in creating an environment of high caliber personnel, each with a common mission of service, will ultimately be in the best interest of our clients. We also believe that a direct result of this are our long term clients, some of which we have served for nearly 10 years.

We welcome any new high caliber candidate that shares these values.

About Seven Utility Management Consultants, LLC

Seven - Utility Management Consultants LLC was founded to provide a service to the community and to create an environment that fosters individual growth and prosperity. Our core competency is cost reduction and we have three divisions in our company:

  • Seven - Utility Management Consultants, LLC: Specializes in National Energy Procurement and Management for Electricity and Natural Gas.
  • Seven - Utility Management Consultants - Energy Conservation and Engineering Services, LLC: Specializes in identifying and eliminating operational inefficiencies and reducing carbon fiber footprint.
  • Seven - Utility Management Consultants - Telecom, LLC: Assists companies in reducing their Telecom expense by properly analyzing and negotiating their Telecom contracts and rates.

Job Description:

You may apply regardless of your geographic location. This is an Independent Contractor position. Strong communication skills are required with the ability to identify new potential enterprise level clients, set appointments, and sell professional services to executives and business owners. If you cannot speak at this level, with confidence, please do not apply.

As a Utility Cost Reduction Consultant, you will market our firm's Energy & Telecom procurement services to businesses nationally, and identify opportunities to help clients in reducing their utility expense, energy conservation, green initiatives, and curtailment initiatives.. You may choose to focus your marketing efforts in one or all three phases of our services.

Heavy prospecting is required if you want to succeed - especially while building your pipeline. The beauty of our business model is that companies need our cost reduction services - and since we make our fees from our suppliers - It's a win/win!

Potential of making six figures your first year. We offer one of the highest compensation plans in the business. You have the opportunity to build a continuous stream of residual income. Compensation is based strictly on Performance. There is unlimited earning potential for anyone with an entrepreneurial and hunter mindset.

You will be required to attend an intensive one week training program in house or via conference. Thereafter, you will be mentored and led (not micro managed) by a pricing/support team and a seasoned Manager or Director.

This position is meant for highly ambitious individuals fueled by their own successes. The key to making six figures at our firm is picking up the phone and getting after it. Discipline in prospecting and follow up communication required. We want to hire consultants that can talk to upper level management, educate them, and establish long-term business relationships. -Alex Toutounchi, CEP, Managing Director


  • Experience in professional sales & account management preferred.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to seek out, set appointments, and sell professional services to executives and business owners.
  • College degree is preferred.
  • Honesty and Integrity in all business dealings, past and present required. A thorough background check will be performed.

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Other products we offer:   Telecommunication Procurement and Management   and   Energy Conservation and Engineering Services.

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