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Seven's Background and History

Seven - Utility Management Consultants, LLC is a professional Telecom and Energy Consulting firm founded 14 years ago in Houston, Texas, the Energy Capital of the World, by a group of Purchasing Consultants, Purchasing, Telecommunications, Energy Consultants and Engineers.

Our firm was formed in 1997 as a professional procurement firm, J. Andrew Associates, Inc. We worked on whatever supply or service our customer needed. Seventy percent of the time, this was telecommunications. We developed deep expertise in this area, and basically learned how to fix every telecom supply area for our client. We were handed mounds of complex telecom bills from our clients with the specific task to "figure it out".

Today we boast over 40 years of on-staff telecom expertise and pride ourselves on helping our clients deploy the latest technology while also improving their bottom-line. By partnering with experts in every facet of the telecom industry we are able to help our clients build a comprehensive strategic communications plan that will automate their business process while reducing their monthly telecom spend.

Other products we offer:   Energy Management   and   Energy Conservation and Engineering Services.

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