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Why the Name Seven?

Yes, there is significance to the name of our firm! For all the reasons below, we love our name!

Religious Significance

  • Seven is a good, solid biblical number. We run our firm with the strongest Christian principles that we can muster. While we are not perfect, we strive to be the best that we can be. References to the number Seven in the bible are undeniable; Seven Deadly Sins, there are Seven Contrary Virtues, 7 day week, with rest and Sabbath on the 7th day, creation of the world in Seven days, Seven years of feast, Seven years of famine
  • The number Seven also has significance in numerous world religions since the beginning of time. Nearly all ancient religions adopted this number: the Egyptians had seven gods, Muslims seven heavens, Parsees seven angels, Persians seven sacred horses, and Phoenicians seven mysterious kabiris gods.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Colossians 3:23

Timing of the Beginning of our Business

  • Seven - Utility Management Consultants, LLC was formed as a limited partnership of J. Andrew Associates, Inc, in our Seventh year of being in business.

Seven Different Utilities

  • While we specialize in Electricity, Natural Gas and Telecommunications, we also have worked on Fuel Oil, Water, Renewables, and Propane. Wow, that makes Seven Utilities!

Marketing Significance

  • This name is easy to remember. When we started this firm, there were literally hundreds of brokers and consultants. Although time has weeded most of these out, these guys still took every possible naming combination and permutation of Energy Consultant, Energy Management, etc.
  • We think the Roman Numeral has trademark visibility. And our tagline tells you exactly what we do.

Nature and Science Significance

  • All the songs you hear on the radio are based on a musical system of just seven major notes.
  • If you pass sunlight through a prism, it produces seven colors.
  • In the realm of Minerals and Geochemistry, there are seven crystal shapes, which make up all minerals.
  • Even the Periodic Table of the known Elements appears to have seven levels of periodicity.
  • Seven digits is the maximum number of digits that a normal human brain can remember in a row... hence the reason for Seven digit phone numbers!
  • One year = seven dog years

Seinfeld Episode - The Seven

  • George Castanza wants to name his child, "Seven". To his dismay, friends of his "steal" this great name from him, and name THEIR child Seven! -If you've never seen this episode, it is hilarious. I dare you to try to not think of us next time you are watching late night Seinfeld episodes!

Seven as a "Lucky Number"

  • Seven is the most popular "lucky number". Mickey Mantle sported this number, and I like him!

Other products we offer:   Energy Management   and   Energy Conservation and Engineering Services.

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