Seven Utility

About us

Founded in 1996 when energy deregulation first started.

Our story

Founded in 1996 in Houston, TX, the energy capital of the U.S. Over the years, we have helped negotiate tens of thousands of energy contracts around the country.

Our primary focus is to help our clients create a proactive energy management program that both significantly reduces a client’s market exposure and risk, while at the same time producing an overall lower spend in the utility areas for every single client.

Year over year, we continue to retain clients at over 98% which is the biggest testament to the value that Seven provides.

Our mission

Our team acts as a full-time energy manager for your business reporting to you. We help every client make the smartest decisions for your business.


By using the market volatility, we strive to constantly minimize the rates that our clients pay for your energy.


To continue to use our intense program of extreme supplier competition with every deal that we help with.


To create a tailored approach that is unique for every client's level of risk, time, and business outlook.

Our vision


To be a long-term valued partner to all our clients.


We will undertake any project for our clients regardless of the client's size or the scope of the project.


We aspire to continue to be the standard of excellence in our field with an ongoing drive to exceed our client's expectations.